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DSC_3842 schemeThe exploration of the natural forms in the Catalan Modernism has been conceived with the water. In this tile the flow becomes both form and function. The organic form and natural topography seem to be the results of the natural shaping process the sea water produces by touching upon the sand bed. The topography of the tile represents the dualism between liquid and solid: what was once a product of the water flow now is the pathway which drives the water to some constrained estuaries. Tile by tile the continuos and smooth submarine environment takes form within the water and sand.

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Vector BiValve

3d printed joints have two categorical ways to interact with thin fiberglass rods. The joint may either constrain the rod, or traverse along its length. In this design, we explored the possibility that each 3d printed component could introduce a new control point to the geometry of a rod’s vector, in addition to the “joint” operation.

The geometry of the 3d printed components is derived from this objective. The closed loop of an orientable surface is perpendicular to the rod’s vector on the apex that the rod passes through, and parallel to its vector on the apex that offers a second control point. The loop geometry is also designed to 1) minimize material without sacrificing the component’s bending strength and 2) meet additive manufacturing’s desire for geometrical self-support during printing. Read More »

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The exercise was to design a vertical structure consisting of different kinds of connections with wood material. Our goal was to use the necessary number of vertical joints that accentuate the curvy figure of our structure… and of course, aim higher!

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