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Acts on Tracks


Catenary curve is the curve that an idealized hanging chain or cable assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends. While freely hanging catenaries have more often than not elastic physical properties, we decided to explore the abilities of fiberglass rods acting as catenary arches, partially mimicking Gaudi’s research.

Fiberglass rods, despite their small cross-sectional diameter, have an inherent ability to return to their original flattened state after mechanical deformation has been applied to them. Thus, to make this experiment possible we attempted to develop the above mentioned side supports of the arch and make them kinetics, to further allow unconstrained movement of the arch along its longitudinal axis.

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milling [Converted]The milling exercise aimed to get a better understanding of the CNCmilling machine by fabricating and casting a floor tile. The process included designing the unit and its cast, setting up the parameters for the CNC and ultimately fabricate the tile.1461152_558322974248997_1725455472_n

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Try-Angle Tower

valjda je dobra

The main idea of our tower was to create the most stable and, at the same time, light structure and give it an architectural view.
We were using the triangles in a top with three horizontal elements, which provide strength and stability, joined with three vertical elements and assembled layer by layer using only this one building unit.
To make the tower more stable we joined three triangles between and make it grow in 13-18 levels, it gave feeling of vertical stream.

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