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Brief of the exercise: The exercise was to design a famous Panot hexagonal cement floor tile as designed by Gaudi in 1904.One of the particularity of this design was supposed to be the capacity to be inserted within a larger assembly and to create continuous patterns across several tiles.

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The Ripple Effect

  When designing the pattern for our tile, we examined the behaviour of raindrops, and the effect they have when hitting the tiles of Barcelona. Creating ripples in the concrete, we duplicated the intricate patterns of the raindrops within our design. These patterns flow through the four tiles that we created. Using a variety of [...]

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Antique Chameleon

Chameleon Tile Сlick to see the process! Our inspiration is simple, since we are in the city of Gaudi, we chose one famous work of Gaudi in Parc Guell : the Chameleon. And because of the shape of the tile we are going to make is in hexagon, we tried to achieve a design that [...]

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