[CA] Cellular Automata Architectural Investigation

BARCELONA FORUM -  [CA] Cellular Automata to High Density Architecture

Applying mathematical construction and concepts to investigate the process of generating architectural forms as a bottom-up approach.  Assigning inputs based on real time data for a top-down and optimizing the framework using generative algorithms will be my achivements.

Full presentation here:

Andrea Debilio Midterm Review

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NEW PORT OF BARCELONA: Top 5 Agents in Real-Time

Link to the Video

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How we can connect real time data with a city?

Step 1: We create a city with a flexible shape that allows future parameters to interfere with its shape.

Step 2: We assign real time data parameters in order to cause a response from the city. Like this, we are able to test scenarios of its behaviour.

Step 3 : The real time data is a flow of information that is constantly changing and reupdating.We implement a new factor that will cause a city to change – the human itself.

For the entire project click on the link bellow:

Team: Diana Nitreanu & Arian Hakimi Nejad

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This video was done as a response analysis to the lack of public space in a city such as Hong Kong. The “recreation space” of the future will take place in the mobility infrastructures among other unexpected places of the over crowded City. The “recreation space” and “mobility infrastructure” will be ephemeral as a result of technology and “info” intelligence..

Hong Kong research trip 2011. Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Emergent Territories Research Studio. Giota Banioti. Katerina Inepologlou. JoseAl Guerrero

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