Term III _ week 04 _ Midterm Review

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>>>Midterm Review _ Mathew Owen<<<

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Mid Term Review

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Term III _ Week 02 _ Sectional Analysis

Above is a conceptual illustration on how the system works in section. There are two main ideas on which I want to elaborate, using different systems to have the most optimal internal climate with use of minimal resources. Daylight and natural ventilation are two of the main important factors for these design factors. Depending on the program the internal spaces will be allocated a specific dimension as to optimize the needed  requirements defined in the program.

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Algae Farm – Structural Model

Structural model 1:200 scale

The structure of the building consists of a light steel structure were the columns are placed 2 to 2.40 meters towards the interior space. In that way the end of the beams are free and and from them are hanged the facade of algae photobioreactors and and the circulation ramps with the bicing lines. Moreover, the algae facade consists a filter, between the interior and the exterior space and at the same time it is created a transitional space behind the photobioreactors that can be unified at will with the interior space.

Section of the structural model

Section detail of the structural model

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Residential Diagrams – Hugo Carvallo

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