30ha Site. First Steps

initial investigations for a 3oha site

step I
The first issue we looked at was the “type” of people in the city and their general daily schedule to outline which parts of the city are being used at certain times of the day.

From the initial analysis of daily schedules, two diagrams were created to combine all the schedules and functions are being used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The layers of the city (where people are going) is based on the hyperhabitat framework.

Using the hyperhabitat framework, an table was created to view how the various layers and scales of the city are interconnected. This table was converted to a spot diagram outlining the programmatic relatoinships within the city. Each layer corresponds to a scale of the city (1:10 to 1:10,000) reflecting how the individual programs/ functions inform each other. The result is a system showcasing that no item is autonomous – each program, layer, scale is interconnected.

some questions we are posing during our research
what are the affects of integrating ecological systems into our building typologies?
what are the smart infrastructures that connect the various scales of the city?
what typologies can stand alone? which ones need a neighbour?
can the typical “mixed-use” building be more than vertically stacked programs?
what promotes diversity and interaction?
can a digital information infrastructure be more than a “virtual” environment?
some key issues that we wish to explore to further guide our project
Integrated ecological functions
Smart infrastructures/ Energy Recycling
o Energy (solar, geothermal, wind)
o Food (vertical gardens)
o Water (bio-filtration)
o Waste (compost)
Inverted Topography & Flexible Typologies

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