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The Practise Fabrication // Robotic Micro Carpentry Seminar, led by Tom Pawlofsky – ETH – with Alexandre Dubor and Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, explores the KUKA robot as a multi-tool, micro factory. The aim is to give an introduction to robotic fabrication, focusing on setting up processes and tools to be used with the robot. The students [...]

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Sense It 6-AXIS workshop // IAAC | Fab Lab Bcn @ RobArch2014

This year at RobArch2014, Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design, IAAC|Fab Lab Barcelona – Alexandre Dubor and Guillem Caprodon – along with Make it Locally – Gabriel Bello Diaz – and the University of Michigan – Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure -, are running the Sense-It 6-Axis Workshop at the University of Michigan. Sense-It explores [...]

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Interacción Avanzada // Presentaciones Segundo Plazo

Today the Advanced Interaction Studio led by Xavier Gonzales and Carlos Gomes had their Term 2 Presentations. The Senior Faculty, along with the jury members Manuel Gausa, Areti Markopoulou, Luis Fraguada, Silvia Brandi, Anupama Kundoo and Anastasia Pistofidou had the pleasure of seeing a variety of projects: Hexis, the dancing kuka, blurring the line between [...]

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OTF_Presentation to the Partner Companies

Today the IAAC OTF researchers presented their research proposals to the partner companies (KUKA, CRICURSA, SANTA&COLE, DUPONT, STORA ENSO, BREINCO and CERAMICA CUMELLA), as well as the research line advisors, to discuss the next possible steps towards the development of their experimental prototypes. 9 projects, presented by 10 OTF researchers, in total were presented inside the research lines of INTELLIGENT BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS, [...]

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OTF_Lecture on Intellectual and Industrial Property

Today at IAAC the OTF Researchers followed a lecture on Intellectual and Industrial Property & Unfair Competition, given by Ignasi Espiell, Santiago Nadal, and Mònica López, vibrant young and experienced lawyers from Volartpons and SNAbogados. This lecture gave the OTF Researchers the opportunity to understand and fully grasp the potentials, limits, the path to be undertaken, and possible problematics that can be [...]

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OTF_Opening Presentation

Today we hosted the Opening Presentation of Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF), a 16 week program with an agenda that translates research into technology, working hand in hand with the industry, and seeking to develop innovative solutions in a wide range of fields. This year the researchers will follow one of three research lines: 3D printing [...]

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“Digital Tectonics – Fabrication Ecologies” Research Line FINAL PRESENTATIONS!

Today Digital Tectonics – Fabrication Ecologies students presented their final project presentations infront of tutors Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, and an international jury board composed by Manuel Gausa (IAAC Dean), Areti Markopoulou (MAA Director – IAAC), Thomas Ermacora (Lime Wharf), Ulrika Karlsson (Stockholm Faculty of Architecture), Neil Leach (University of Southern California), Jaume Avellaneda (ETSAV-Department of Construction), Juan Carlos Sanabria (Veritas University in Costa [...]

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