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IS1 Introductory Studio – Torre Baró Energy District G2 // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

Architecture goes beyond buildings. A building is a concentration of activities in a particular location which should be responsive to concrete cultural, social, economic and technological conditions. In the 21st century, the buildings are more than machines for dwelling in. They should be living organisms, capable of interacting with their environment, following the principles of ecology or biology rather than those of mere construction. [...]

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Thursday 18th of December // IS1 Introductory Studio – Torre Baró Energy District G2 // FINAL PRESENTATIONS


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  IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona with Flone present Fly Valldaura, a workshop towards the design and fabrication of Open source Drones. PROGRAM Engage in a workshop to build a Flone-Drone from a kit of parts. Learning to solder the components, assemble the frame as well as to program the circuit boards. The group workshop is an intensive 4 days situated in [...]

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ALFREDO BRILLEMBOURG // Radical Urbanism: A Search for a New Architecture

Tonight we had the pleasure of hosting Alfredo Brillembourg, as part of the IAAC Spring Lecture Series, presenting his concepts of Radical Urbanism  and the search for a new architecture. Mr Brillembourg presented Urban-Think Tank (U-TT), an interdisciplinary design practice dedicated to high-level research and design on a variety of subjects, concerned with contemporary architecture [...]

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IaaC, in collaboration with Map13 Architects: Marta Domenech, David Lopez, Mariana Palumbo, and BLOCK Research Group, ETH Zurich, are happy to announce the inauguration of an intensive, 2 week-long workshop where a team of 27 Students will design and contruct a thin-tile vault in our forest campus in Valldaura. Advanced digital tools along with traditional century-old Catalan masonry [...]

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IaaC Primavera Cátedra 2014 // Programa

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Conferencia a cargo de SIMON SCHLEICHER – Mecanismos Bio-inspirado – Diseño con flexibilidad

Thursday 20th of February we had the pleasure of hosting the Winter Lecture Series 2014 with Simon Schleicher. In architecture, kinetic structures enable buildings to react specifically to internal and external stimuli through spatial adjustments. While these mechanical devices come in all dimensions, they are conceptualized as uniform and standardized modules. Typically, they gain their [...]

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