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[DMIC] Workshop // DYNAMICS IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS // in collaboration with ETH CAAD and Chalmers

Digital Matter | Intelligent Construction // Workshop DYNAMICS IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS ETH CAAD and Chalmers Faculty: Manuel Kretzer, Stig Anton Nielsen IAAC Faculty: Areti Markopoulou IAAC Assistants: Alexandre Dubor, Carlos Bausa External Guest: Raul Nieves, Prototipolab In collaboration with: MaterFad In traditional architecture, a change in a material’s property, such as its volume or elasticity, was [...]

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Soundtouch // Tangibility Workshop with EASTN

This week the Master in Advanced Architecture Advanced Interaction research line students participated in a workshop with the European Arts, Science and Technology Network, held at the Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs, and focussing on Tangibility, the Network’s focus theme for this year’s research program. The main purpose of the European Art Science and Technology Network [...]

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Close to the Body // Workshop

IAAC Advanced Interaction students along with ESDi students and Estruch artists participated in the Close to the Body workshop, with Oscar Tomico from the Designing Quality in Interaction Research Group at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, in order to research the design wearable’s, the material, the body and performativity Close To The [...]

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Sense It 6-AXIS workshop // IAAC | Fab Lab Bcn @ RobArch2014

This year at RobArch2014, Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design, IAAC|Fab Lab Barcelona – Alexandre Dubor and Guillem Caprodon – along with Make it Locally – Gabriel Bello Diaz – and the University of Michigan – Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure -, are running the Sense-It 6-Axis Workshop at the University of Michigan. Sense-It explores [...]

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IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona with fabtextiles.org and pratipo.orginvite you to a first open and free session: Introduction and demo We are proposing a workshop directed to all those who wish fully develop a project that combies digital fabrications technologies and interactive capacities (physical computation). Since in the 30′s modern reprogrammable computers were theorised, these have gone from mainstream to cellular and [...]

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  IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona with Flone present Fly Valldaura, a workshop towards the design and fabrication of Open source Drones. PROGRAM Engage in a workshop to build a Flone-Drone from a kit of parts. Learning to solder the components, assemble the frame as well as to program the circuit boards. The group workshop is an intensive 4 days situated in [...]

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Taller – Estructuras Experimentales

This weekend the Experimental Structures Seminar participated in a workshop with Manja Van de Worp, Silvia Brandi and Alexandre Dubor. The workshop was centred around the development of a stair system, through both the creation of a physical model, as well as the generation of a virtual model using Karamba for virtual structural testing. Once [...]

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