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FAB10 // FAB KIDS making of 2.0

FabKids is setting up at DHUB, getting ready for tomorrow’s #FAB10 kick off! You can still register for#FabFestival kids workshops: https://www.fab10.org/en/fab-festival Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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FAB10 // FAB KIDS making of

FabKids is the largest and most fun digital fabrication workshop for teens between 12 and 17 years old. Workshops will be held during the mornings of FAB10. Right now at IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona preparation for these amazing and fun workshops is going full speed ahead! Come and participate in the fun and Fab [...]

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FAB FESTIVAL 5TH & 6TH JULY // e-NABLE 3D printed prosthetics

 FAB FESTIVAL e-NABLE 3D printed prosthetic hands & 3D printing party Kachina Gosselin and Jon Schull & 3D Print Barcelona WORKSHOP @ 12:00 – 15:00 SAT, 5 JUL

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A collapsible modular tensile structure that allows you to set up a seating and a shelter wherever you want, a rolling cocoon in which you can rest in several different positions before rolling away again and again, a green parametric pavilion formed by a performance-specific components capable to build up a structure out of sawdust [...]

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In response to the request of the CCCB Barcelona to create furniture – in particular for the Big Bang Data Exhibition – that would fit the ever changing needs of a space for workshops, the Fab Lab Barcelona and the design team of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) proposed several options. “The [...]

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Investigación Viajes MAA2013 / 14 // Emergentes Territorios en LA

This week the Research Studios are all off on Research Trips around the world. Emergent Territories is in L.A. this week, with the objective of discovering the opportunities of a territory in a context of unprecedented urban growth with high density and congestion. Visiting one of the most iconic cities worldwide, and located along the coastline of California, Los Angeles is [...]

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Robotic Fabrication Workshop – Teach the robot to use a chainsaw

This workshop with Tom Pawlofsky gives an introduction to robotic fabrication, implementing the processing of log wood and the realization of timber joints using a robot equiped with a chainsaw. The workshop started with an introduction to the Kuka-robot and its programming. The main challenge is be the setup of an 25sqm shelter at Valldaura, [...]

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