3rd Advanced Architecture Contest

Self-Sufficient City Contest – Award ceremony, exhibition and book release

The Self-Sufficient City Contest – Award Ceremony, Debate, exhibition and book release

IaaC Director Vicente Guallart, winner Sergio Castillo Tello, Faculty Lucas Cappelli,winner Rychiee Espinosa, HP sponsors Merce Barcons – HP EMEA, Willy Muller and  Michel Rojkind

Debate on the Self-Sufficient City
IaaC Director Vicente Guallart presenting the program
The 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest with the theme of “THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY: Envisioning the habitat of the future” had been organized by Iaac and HP. After having 708 proposals from 116 countries, the Finalists – Sergio Castillo Tello and María Hernández Enríquez from Spain with their theme ‘HURBS’ and Rychiee Espinosa and Seth Mcdowell from the United States with the theme of ‘WATER FUEL’ recieved their awards at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).
After presenting the terms of the competition IaaC director Vicente Guallart opened the debate for Michel Rojkind (mexico) www.rojkindarquitectos.com, Willy Muller (BCN) www.willy-muller.com, the other members of the jury and also the winners of the contest. After the awarding ceremony there was also cocktail and video projections of the participants.

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