Fab House

The objective of the module IV thesis project is the development, implementation
and support of prototype self-suffi cient solar house for the Solar Decathlon
‘FabLabHouse’ Europe. The prototype will be constructed entirely in
IaaC premises, pre-assembled here in 20 modules to be transported and assembled
in Madrid, where it will compete from 18th – 28th June against prototypes
developed and implemented by 20 other universities worldwide.
Each student or group applies expertise to each of the technological systems
and construction involved with the house (PV skin, closing facilities, climate,
structure, interior fi nishes, landscaping, logistics …), taking charge of their development,
production , preparation and assembly facilities within IaaC / Fab-
Also, all the team of the module IV thesis project will fl y to Madrid with the
house from the day 8th to 21st (stay costs will be subsidized by IAAC), to participate
in the fi nal assembly of the house and attend the exhibition as well
as the competition weeks, coordinating the visits of public and displaying the technical evidence to the jury.

Each group will have the continuous supervision from each of the researchers
responsible throughout the process. Also, each group will have
external technical advice from a range of experts and project partner
Each student or group will present on the 21st, a technical report detailing
the systems developed and the techniques and methods of implementation
and optimization employed. Each team will produce a personal
method of recording suitable for the activities carried out throughout
the process.
The house, geometrically defi ned by parametric models, and manufactured
using digital production techniques, aims to reach a model of selfsuffi
ciency based on adaptability and participation. Therefore, making of
the house will best express your thoughts & philosophy.

Team: Solar House team

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