Fab Academy Barcelona – Final Presentations

FabLabBCN team – Students Bereketnesh Girma, Asheshim Tilahun, FablabDirector Vicente Guallart, students Susanna Tesconi, victor freundt,Benito juarez, Fablab project manager Tomas Diez and student Melat Assefa

student Victor Freundt presenting his work via polycom
FabAcademy class has ended with students presenting their machines via polycom to all Fablabs around the world. Their projects have gone through development through out their academic year where they first syntesized the project during their first month of study. After nine months of intense exercises with  Tomas Diez as the local tutor for the FabAcadem Barcelona with transversal workshops with  Victor Viña (Fab arduinos) , Federico Joselevich (Fab fi) and Carlos Castro pierto (Milk scanner) students have learnt different kinds of systems of fabrications, programming and controlling microcontrollers and also how to maintain and also make the machines themselves. Ranging from energy accumulating devices, to intellegent toys, interactive energy accumulating carpets, interactive accessories and also weaving machines, Fab Lab Barcelona students work can be found at fabacademy.org/blog works from Fab lab students from all around the world can also be found at  Fab Lab Amsterdam, FabLab India , Fab Lab OhioFab Lab India, Fab Lab Iceland and Fab Lab Kenya.

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