Phase II Final Presentation

Group work  Margherita Filpi_Michail Fountouklis

H_explorer concept provides :

•Flexible and innovative design that adjusts to every city and its needs.
•A fixed space assigned to each carpsule that completes the room of your choice.
•Space to plug your carpsule while you are exploring the city (pit-stop).
•Solar energy harvesting and free distribution back to the city.
•Solar powered and fully automated “Carpsules”, each one producing 20 times more energy than it needs.
•Specially designed I-plug points integrated in comfortable public spaces with plugging points for every electric device
•100% self-sufficient, green hotels, that do not burden the city or the enviroment.
•Freedom of luxury, space and comfort through movement.

With the help of grasshopper we regulated the size and distribution of the fractal parts that would become the rooms  as well as the regulation of the central part that would accommodate the common spaces and facilities.

In the same fractal concept the shape of the pit-stop is redefined in a more enclosed shape that tries to implement the concept of car designing into the architecture of the building

Carpsule 3rd edition

Carpsule sections

Inner space renders

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