IaaC Summer School_Fab Labs and Informalism

Faculty Luis Fraguada and Professor Javier Caricatto introducing the courses

IaaC summer school has started on the 19th of June 2010, With previous projects like the HyperHabitat (www.hyperhabitat.net), the FabLab House (www.fablabhouse.com) which were part of the XI Venice Biennale Architecture and The Solar Decathlon Europe respectively, This year the theme is ” FAB LABS AND INFORMALISM – High tech vs. Low Tech, Self Fabrication 2.0” where the study focuses on informal phenomena and possible connections with digital fabrication and associative design.It is a collaboration of IaaC, FabLab BCN and FAU-UCV (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University Central of Venezuela).

IaaC Co-Director Willy Muller giving presentations

So far students have had presentations and lectures by IaaC Co-Director Willy Muller, Professors Javier Caricatto and Cristina Von der Heyde from Unit OO (FAU-UCV) and Various lectures and tutorials on Digital  Fabrication and principles by Faculty Luis Fraguada and FabLabBcn Project Manager Tomas Diez. Students will produce 1:1 scale prototypes of habitable spaces while working on projects previously developed by students of the Unit OO of the FAU-UCV, linking informal modes of production and personal digital fabrication.

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