Introductory Studio, Barcelona Zero Emissions Mid Review

The students presented their analyses of different parts of Barcelona. In approach to the final proposal for a zero emission Barcelona, they have studied and analyzed different aspects of the city. Vicente Guallart, Willy Muller, Marta Malé, Lluis Viu, Jordi Pages, Areti Markopoulou and Tomas Diez reviewed the projects and discussed about them with the students.

Afterwards, the general perspective of the zero-emission project had been evaluated in a semi-roundtable with Director Vicente Guallart.

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    The Barcelona en Transició group are also exploring the same ideas, we are interested in seeing some of the results of your explorations, is there a time or space for “public interactions” between IAAC students and groups/ projects in the city related to these themes?

    Over the last 2 weeks we had 2 video conferences related to making the transition to the ideas you are exploring, heres links:

    Video-Conferencia Transition Towns en Barcelona (with London and Alexis Rowel, local councilor and author of COMMUNITIES, COUNCILS & A LOW-CARBON FUTURE, What we can do if governments won’t” )

    International Transition Conference 2010: Transitions: diverse routes to belonging (Connection to Scotland, talk with Rob Hopkins and more)

    Also, a related architectural / eco-urban proposal for the city of Barcelona (IAAC competition)…A Transition Vision For Barcelona City


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