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Vema, is a theoretical project, a city between Verona and Mantua, in coincidence of the intersection between the two European corridors Lisbon-Kiev and Berlin-Palermo. Proposals are from twenty architectural firms under 40 (Italian) (Avatar, Dogma | Office / Pier Vittorio Aureli, Lorenzo Capobianco, elastic spa +3, Joseph Fallacara, Santi Giunta, Iotti and Pavarani, Moreno-Santamaría-Laezza, Liverani and Molteni, Mao, Antonella Mari Masstudio, Stefano Milani, Moduloquattro, Tomaso Monestiroli Massimo Ferrari, OBR – Open Building Research, Gianfranco Sanna, Andrea Stipa, Studio Eu, Albert Ulysses).

Community Development

The phenomenon of Village within the city

“Participatory city” a very long essay

Advertisement of self sustainable community

Advertisement to hire small scale farmers and lease out farm land

Tales of self sufficient community

How local initiatives in cities can become global trends as cities act in a network

Mentioned below are timetables of peasants / farmers / shopkeeper / monastery student and a modern day company CEO. The purpose is to highlight 2 things. One, when each occupation in the modern day is equally demanding, is it possible to include 2 or more activities in one person’s routine without creating undue work pressure like we wish everyone to grow their own vegetables? Two, are the conditions of a factory worker and a modern day employee different considering that their lives are governed completely by occupational timetables? How does a design help in reducing this ’slavery’?

Daily life in Ancient Greece

Daily life of Peasant (Medieval Times)

Daily Life of Modern Farmer

Daily life of a Monk

Day in the life of CEO

A Day in the life of shopkeeper

To remain adhered to a fixed schedule and behave like a regiment (and not like a community) with a singular goal of production (even if it’s self sufficiency) is not the most advanced lifestyle. How does the city offer freedom from the extreme pressure to produce?

Just for thrills

New Monstrosity


London after the rain (interesting depiction of city and jungle)

1975 Nasa Stanford Torus for 10000 people

Thames Town, Shanghai (definitely don’t do this)

Up in the air (symbol of a sick society!)

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