Thesis: Cymatics, from sound to material

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By the study of  geometry,  effects of  sound and urban noises, through cymatics, we can explore the synthesis of spatial proportion and form generated from sound; to interpret the intelligent proportions of waves we experience as sound into expressions of formal proportions in architecture.
The purpose in experimenting cymatic language is to be able to translate and reinterpret the communication of sound through form; how to create atmosphere and effect, to compose by sound.
The objective of the apparatus is to:
Examine sound behaviour in order to understand  how to create effective sound illustration patterns that stimulate audio periphery, spatial perception, visual perception and the interaction between them.
Create visual representations of sounds found in urban spaces that illustrate  our aural environment
To create an installation piece that includes several speakers/sand panels individually placed and reflect geometrics of urban sound spaces. Controlling each speaker/sand panel individually to play individual elements, that can illustrate one or more sound input. The final product would be an installation of  façade panels that reflects each audio periphery, reflecting geometrical individual and/or interaction patterns, having also as a result geometrical shadows atmosphere.

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  1. Posted June 1, 2010 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    main comment: in term of experiment it would be good to have more then one speaker/recorder if you are thinking about urban environment and clarify the experiment set up in relationship to the project set up.

    to add on: i’m not sure that as a brief the facade is the best focus…it might be good to choose a specific site/public space to work on and define how an interactive sound installation could provide extra-qualities to the chosen site + it would be good to start have some digital drawings contextualizing the project.

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