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RoboFold Workshop at DHUB, Day 2

Finished model made by one of the teams, (Picture by Viraat Kumar). In the second day each team had to work on a Grasshopper definition for their models, then “bake it” into Rhino, send it to the laser cutter machine and start assembling the model in a 8x8cm grid. Konrad Hoffman (Cloud9) was supporting attendees [...]

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RoboFold Workshop at DHUB, Day 1

RoboFold is a radical new technique for sheet metal forming, this workshop is about the design process for curved folding, and how to optimize components for production. In this picture Gregory Epps is explaining different folding techniques.

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Michel Rojkind: From Digital Design to Local Fabrication

This past IAAC open lecture took place at COAC (Collegi d´Arquitectes de Catalunya) with the introduction (pictured above) made by Willy Müller (Co-Director MAA). Michel Rojkind talked about the importance of collaborating, discussion and feedback between architects; also the ways you can fabricate the digital design, using technology available or the hand work found locally.

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The Shape of Information – Final Presentations

After a week long Research Studio, conducted by Michel Rojkind and Alberto Villarreal the student Emergent Territories have presented their proposals focused on innovation and strategic system. Each proposal is connecting the use of renewed energy sources to the new mobility system in a strategic part of the city. The urban scale and small scale [...]

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Urbiotica Lecture by Antoni Brey

Antoni Brey explaining about the different types of sensors that are available and the data that you can collect form them to improve the management and user experience of urban spaces, offering advanced functionality for the city.

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DHUB Workshop- Optimization with Sam Joyce

OPTIMIZATION WORKSHOP A group of the MAA students had the chance to participate in the workshop tutored by Sam Conrad Joyce (Buro Happold) aimed to employ metrics to quantitatively evaluate the performance of a design and to use Genetic Algorithms to optimize a design,  in general. The session was divided in two parts: a theoretic [...]

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AGENT Lecture by Alberto Villarreal

CTrus is the first airless soccer ball with position detection technology created by AGENT, it’s  functional principle is based on the mechanical properties of its materials. Composed by an inner structure and outer net-embedded shell, made out reinforced elastomers.

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