Emergent Territories – Mid Reviews

During the Emergent Territories Workshop MAA Students have been working on large infrastructure areas in Barcelona called ´Rondas´, a network of mobility and its surroundings, consisting of different large scale projects. In these they have been investigating the relation between the programmatic decisions, both formal and spatial as well as structural, in relation to their capacity to interact, give and receive information and the need to invent new devices. Devices that become part of the urban design and are capable of monitoring in real time what is happening in the city as far as waste, CO2 emissions, traffic, and energy use are considered.

Last week, students presented their proposal saying that much of the “city of tomorrow” can be organized connecting global positioning systems and social networks, creating a new Barcelona as a dynamic space.

(Above: Turning the linear city  into a vertical city by Diana Nitreanu, Arian Hakimi and Andrea Debilio)

This group focused on a vision of the future for the year 2050 where there would be a gradual move of “the barrio” to the water, leaving behind clean land for agriculture and vertical farming which would produce all of its needs. The structure of this network (picture above) is divided in Plot to Plot, Utility distribution and utility storage.

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