Final Presentations- Emergent Territories

The Masters in Advanced Architecture 2010/11 came to an end today with the third and final day of presentations for the week. In their final projects, the Emergent Territories Studio, led by Willy Müller and assisted by Maite Bravo, proposed: various new and innovative ways to make urban and public space multifunctional; a vision of the future where citizens interact with urban design; and a system which applies a mathematical construction to investigate the process of generating architectural forms as a bottom-up approach.

Today’s jury panel included: Antoni Brey (URBIOTICA); Julio Gaeta (Gaeta Springhall Arquitectos); Maria Solé Bravo (director of StAP-BCN); Andreu Ulied (MCrit); Ali Kermanian(Ali Kermanian & Associates) as well as IAAC Faculty and staff Javier Peña, Areti Markopoulou and Luis Fraguada.

Congratulations to all of the MAA students for their hard work throughout the year. Graduation is this Saturday, it is time to celebrate!

(Above: IAAC MAA Co-Director, Willy Müller, during the final reviews)

(Above: Julio Gaeta (Gaeta Springhall Arquitectos) reviewing one of the final projects this afternoon.)

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