After more than one month of work, the 2011-2012 MAA Students presented their work as it was developed within the Introductory Studio class, tutored by Areti Markopoulou (IAAC Master  program director) and Tomas Diez ( Fablab Barcelona manager ) with the assistance of Ioanna Spanou (Landscape Architect) and Tomas Vivanco Larrain (Architect). The presentations were divided in two sessions on the 9th-10th of November. The Jury board consisted of :  Willy Muller( IAAC Founder, Director Barcelona Region Agency), Marta Malé-Alemany (IAAC Acting Director), Rodrigo Rubio -(IAAC Project Manager), Salvador Rueda (Ecosystema Urbana), Nacho Lopez- Architect,  (Director Lagula Architects) and Gates Gooding,(Geographer/Anthropologist/ Expert in Urban and Environmental Planning Expert in Urban and Environmental Planning). The projects were mainly in the stage of research, several of the ideas intriguer for high quality results that could bring us closer to the idea of :   ‘’MANY SLOW CITIES INTO A SMART CITY’’.

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