MAA Final Projects: Following the Sun in Eixample

MAA Student: Javier Gonzalez (Spain)

Research Studio: Self-Sufficient Buildings

Studio Instructor: Vicente Guallart, IAAC Director

Project Goal: Create a self-sufficient urban block for 22@, Barcelona.

Student Summary:

Trying to look to the past by adapting the proposal to Ildefons Cerdá’s urban structure to keep the character of the city (not only adjusting the façades to the pre-existing grid to maintain the alignment of the streets, but also providing a big central courtyard working as public space inside the block, as the original thoughts of Ildefons Cerdá), the building also tries to look forward to the new paradigm of Self-Sufficient architecture.

Taking advantage of solar energy as the easiest renewable energy source in Barcelona, the building tries to orient itself to the position of the sun. Its form follows the sun tilting the main “roof façade” into a proper angle for solar energy gathering, while also decreasing its height in the southern part and increase it in the northern part, in order to allow the best access to the solar daylight as possible.

The characteristic element of this building, its “roof façade”, has been though as a double skin which will contain a mixed system of photovoltaic panels and openings, based on Ecotect analysis and their own interior program, thus optimizing the position of panels and voids. Overheating inside the building will also be controlled through the double skin, allowing a natural flow of air through the gap between the interior and the exterior skin.

About the MAA Final Projects

In Final Phases of the Masters in Advanced Architecture program students attend one of three Research Studios: Self-Sufficient Buildings, Digital Tectonics or Emergent Territories. At the end of Phase II MAA Students presented their initial proposals. Throughout Phase III they will refine this research for their final presentations.

In the time leading up to the week of presentations we will give a preview of each project on the blog.

This year final presentations will be held the week of June 27. All presentations are open to the public. We invite you to come to see the students present. More information will be provided closer to the week of presentations.

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