MAA Introductory Studio Final Presentations

- Many slow cities into a smart city
- Barcelona SuperBlocks
- From Devices to Cities
- Smart Cities by Smart Citizens

Some of this topics have been part of the research topics in the Introductory Studio at IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture 2011-12. The Introductory Studio gathers all students in one super group working on different sites in Barcelona. 24 SuperBlocks were chosen with the support of the Agencia de Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona (advisor) in which proposals on public space should take in consideration the redefinition of the urban unit (from the Cerdá block to the super block) from 100m x 100m to 500m x 500m, and the liberation of public space by removing the protagonism of the car in the urban space. In addition to the physical considerations, students have been encouraged to develop strategies and actions in the urban space by the introduction of new technologies and tools to give the citizens different platforms of action by the use of apps or devices in different scales.

Smart Citizen Devices were developed in collaboration with the Fab Lab Barcelona and Hangar . The devices were installed in different superblocks feeding with real time data the performance of the urban environments, which have been evaluated in a software application, offering the possibility to visualize the before and after conditions of the super blocks by introducing the student’s proposals.

The Smart Citizen platform is a project for the development of apps and devices to give users the access to tools and processes to understand their urban environment, and to act into it by different sets of alternative proposals.

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