Open Lecture Series 2010/2011: Or Ettlinger

On Friday, 29 April, IAAC welcomed Or Ettlinger for its most recent installment in the 2010/2011 Open Lecture Series.

Dr. Or Ettlinger is an Assistant Professor and senior researcher of virtual architecture and media theory at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana. His exploration of virtual architecture and virtual space has spanned both formal education and professional experience across the multiple disciplines from which these emerging fields derive. This fifteen-years of research has ranged from architecture to computer science, from product design to digital imaging, from classical drawing to information design, and from art history to media theory.

In his lecture, Dr. Ettlinger explored various ideas that define what virtual space refers to, specifically as it is perceived in images, drawings and classical art and how this knowledge can be applied to the study of architecture.

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