Christine Otto Kanstinger MAA Lecture _Form Finding

¨We do not force a form, we search for a form¨ said Christine Otto.

Christine Otto talked about the importance of the physical model experimentation for the structural security apart from others. Digital models on the other hand do not offer that! Her lecture included information on projects of her father Frei Otto as well as different projects that she is developing with students in workshops around the world.

In an era were ¨digitalization¨ of design has spread to all architectural processes and even functions, it might be of essential importance to understand the architectural ¨object¨outside the virtual environment and as reactive to the physical environment, responding to physical conditions.

Christine Otto Kaslinger was born in Berlin. She studiedArchitecture at the University of StuttgartSince 1983 she is collaborating with Frei Otto, AtelierWarmbronn. In 1990 visiting lecturer at School of Architecture& Planning, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque,USA. In 2003 -Maeda Formfinding Workshop inHooke Park, AA, School of Architecture, London. Since2007 she is a partner in Atelier Frei Otto + Partner, Kunstler+ Ingenieure Christine Kanstinger has published «128Modelle für den neuen Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof 1997 bis2008 entstanden im Atelier Frei Otto Warmbronn.»Since 2011 she is collaborating with SL-Rasch/special andleightweight structures, Oberaichen.

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