“Energy Trilema”:Mariano Marzo Lecture

On Monday IAAC welcomed Prof: Mariano Marzo, full professor of Stratigraphy at the Faculty of Geology of the University of Barcelona where he teaches Petroleum Geology and Energy Resources.

Mr Marzo’s research interests focus on the application of clastic sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, reservoir modeling and basin analysis to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

During a very inspiring lecture, titled “The Energy Trilemma”, he exposed how energy sustainability is being waged simultaneously on three battle fronts, that might be represented as a triangle with three E vertices: Economy, Energy security and Environment. In energy policy it seems advisable to seek the centroid of this hypothetical triangle: if we take action close just to one corner, we run the risk of neglecting the other two fronts of battle and lose the war.

Next lecture of the MAA Fall Lecture program by Benjamin Ball will take place on Thursday 25th of October at 19.30h at the IAAC Auditorium.

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