MAA Spring Lecture ¨WHAT ABOUT URBAN AGRICULTURE? ….¨ by Katrin Bohn (Bohn&Viljoen Architects)

Katrin Bohn in her lecture: ¨WHAT ABOUT URBAN AGRICULTURE? Designing productive urban landscapes for sustainable cities¨, yesterday at IAAC, talked about landscape ¨gestures¨ in the cities, landscape networks and agricultural opportunities given to the citizens of metropolitan cities. A package of ¨know how¨ and ¨try out¨ is offered to the citizens by projects that share the above sensibilities. The lecture of Katrin was flirting with questions and debates of process concepts rather finalities. Bohn and Viljoen architecture office works on projects and strategies that intend to give the possibility to the inhabitant to take decisive steps. It is the participation of the inhabitants that will determine the projects finality!

Bohn&Viljoen Architects is a small London-based architectural practice run by architects Andre Viljoen and Katrin Bohn. Set up in 1998, the practice specializes in low energy architecture and sustainable urban design – with a focus on urban agriculture – having completed built as well as design research projects. Bohn&Viljoen have taught, lectured, published and exhibited widely on the design concept of CPUL [Continuous Productive Urban Landscape] which they contributed to the international urban design discourse in 2004.

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