S6.Experimental Structures – Final Presentations

During the final presentations the students presented a video with the process of their work during the last week of the intensive workshop with Gregory Epps. Many ideas and many prototypes were developed by paper while one piece of the selected project was fabricated in 1:1 scale by metal. The selected project is going to be fabricated in full scale in the following days at IAAC.

All student projects and videos developed in the above seminar will be uploaded in the IAAC blog the following days.

After the presentations of the students Gregory Epps presented the work being developed at Robofold . Gregory at the first part of his lecture highlighted  the fact that robotics and software (as they have been developed at  the moment) could be used with more intelligence, opposed to the way that they are used for massive production in the industries,  and create complex results as we can see in several examples of  work coming out of research centers, throughout the word, that are experimenting with the above  technology .

RoboFold is new way to effectively build cladding with the level of complexity that the AEC community has long been able to conceptualize in digital tools. The robotic forming process allows for variation within defined parameters, thus providing a means to build a facade with gradually changing geometries. The presentation will explore how the development of a completely new technology requires an extensive re-engineering of latent beliefs in manufacture, software and design – and how this has been achieved through finding a symbiosis between each area, in order that each reinforces the other. A complete overview of the latest developments in software, production and design process will be presented.

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