“Creating participatory lighting prototypes” Workshop

Beforelight and IAAC held the “Creating participatory lighting prototypes” Workshop, within the European-funded project Urban Lightscapes, this weekend.

Urban Lightscapes is a European Project focused on the multifaceted study of urban lighting, through an interdisciplinary platform that involves artists, designers and citizens, with utter goal to promote open dialogue and residents’ active participation. Involving three activities: a symposium, a workshop and light installations, Urban Lightscapes aims to change the way citizens perceive open spaces and urban lighting, aspiring to be a successful example of an interdisciplinary and social collaboration with positive influence in public lighting.

The aim of the workshop was to design and fabricate a Participatory light Prototype/lighting Process, promoting users’ participation in creating different light interventions in their neighborhoods.

The development during the 3 days of the intense workshop regarded the development and fabrication of an urban lighting prototype, that could interact both physically and digitally, using tools such as Rhino 3D – Grasshopper, programming with Arduino UNO, sensors and digital fabrication.

The outcome of the 7 groups, all consisting in integrated groups of students and engineering, industrial design, lighting dessign and architectural professionals, were a series of very interesting projects and prototypes, all concentrating on and reflecting the management of urban lighting.


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