Tonight we had the pleasure of hosting IAAC Faculty Claudia Pasquero, representing ecoLogicStudio, that she co-fouded with MArco Poletto, also IAAC Faculty.

The lecture illustrated bio-inspired algorithmic design methods at the core of ecoLogicStudio’s works and academic research. Computation, both analogue, biologic and digital, is deployed to enable the study of iterative, adaptive and resilient design solutions across a fluid eco-social terrain, generating a multiplicity of responses and effects ranging scales and regimes, from the molecular to the territorial, from the quasi-instantaneous to the geological.

The dissolution of the dichotomy artifice versus nature opens new possibilities in the conception of the city from a non-anthropocentric perspective. Urban design can then be conceived as the breeding of relationships between industrial, agricultural, biological and social systems. This emergent notion of bio-urbanity establishes a link between the instant and immaterial qualities of contemporary urbanism and the slow and material cycles of biological life.



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