Today Marie-Ange Brayer presented the upcoming 9th edition of Archilab, centered on architecture and science in the computational field.

ArchiLab, the international laboratory of architecture, was created in 1999 by Marie-Ange Brayer and Frederic Migayrou in Orleans, France. It is an international laboratory engaged in research and experimentation, aiming to defend the young generation of architects, and presents the conceptual and pragmatic transformations taking place in the field of architecture.

In 1999, the first edition of ArchiLab explored the paradigm shift brought by the emergence of digital technologies within the newly emerging computational space.

The next edition, that is the 9th, will take place in September, and will be dedicated to the interactions between digital architecture and life sciences (biotechnology, neurosciences, genetics, etc).

Today, the utilization of a new generation of software programs for designing architecture, along with techniques that make organic simulation possible, is enabling architects to explore the specific principles of evolution on the living realm with increasing precision. The same processes now revolutionizing the scientific disciplines, architecture, art and design, are being used by designers to achieve ever greater degrees of complexity. They are also bringing about a profound mutation in the very concept of nature.

During her presentation, Marie-Ange presented the works of some of the architects, designers and artists invited for the 9th edition, such as Alisa Andrasek (www.biothing.org), Roland Snooks & Robert Stuart-Smith (www.kokkugia.com), Marc Fornes (http://theverymany.com), Andrew Kudless (http://matsysdesign.com), Skylar Tibbits (www.sjet.us), Neri Oxman (http://web.media.mit.edu/~neri/site/), Joris Laarman (www.jorislaarman.com), Achim Menges (www.achimmenges.com), Gramazio & Kohler (www.gramaziokohler.com) with Raffaello D’Andrea (http://raffaello.name), Theo Spyropoulos (www.minimaforms.com), Claudia Pasquera & Marco Poletto (www.ecologicstudio.com), Zoe Coombes & David Boira (www.commonwealth.nu), Thom Flauders (www.flauders-studio.com), B+U (www.bplusu.com), SOMA (www.soma-architecture.com), Ulrika Karlsson & Marcelyn Gow (www.servo-stockholm.com), Jenny Sabin (http://jennysabin.com), Akihisa Hirata (www.hao.nu), Kunya Ishigami (www.jnyi.jp), Matias del Campo Sandra Manninger (www.span-arch.com), Iris Van Herpen (www.irisvanherpen.com), Isaie Bloch (http://eragatory.blogspot.fr), Michael Hansmeyer (http://michael-hansmeyer.com), Casey Reas (http://reas.com), and Perry Hall (www.lovebrain.net).

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