RS1 Workshop Peter Trummer & Hernan Diaz Alonso

The Emergent Territories Studio conducted an intensive weekend seminar directed by Peter Trummer and Herman Diaz Alonso.

The term started with an introduction by Willy Muller and Maite Bravo, explaining the studio research agenda, evolution, future expectations, and this year’s new collaboration with SCIARC. A detailed lecture by Joaquim Calafi from Barcelona Regional introduced the study area for this term: the Besos River. Students finished the first day visiting the site, stopping at diverse points around the study area.

Peter Trummer started the workshop the next day by introducing the students with his research agenda currently carried out  at diverse institutions, and presenting the theme of the workshop: Colossal Forms. According to his brief, “The intention of the workshop is to imagine a city made out of only architecture, a city without a ground, a city in which the building serves as the figure as well as the ground for the city”.

After 2 days of intense work, the students had several reviews, and a talk by Hernan Diaz Alonso on “Visionary Cities and Science Fiction, moving towards Fringe Architecture”.

On the last day, final presentations were judged by Hernan Diaz Alonso (SciArc) and Nader Tehrani (MIT). The Emergent Territories Studio will continue developing their projects during Term 2 & 3.

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