The Lecturers tonight were presented by Enric Ruiz Geli, and cocktails followed the lecture at Cloud9, Meadi-TIC.

ART CENTER – ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN presented by David Mocarski, James Meraz, Kenneth Cameron and Jason Pilarski.

Experience Design addresses the relationships between: Body • Materials • Space & Emotion

We design Human-Centered design from the first moment of encounter, to the last moment of interaction.

Our Department is about: Designing the total Spatial Experience. We believe that the strength of the project message is based in the power of the story content and context that drives the project, the interaction, and the emotional interface. Our Department masters a wide range of spatial projects in many scales from Brand driven retail design, hospitality design to theme based restaurants, residential and exhibit & exhibition spaces. We see ourselves delivering a stronger and more inclusive spatial experience driven by the responsible use of materials and building & manufacturing practices. Our passion is about designing everything inside the box as well as re-defining what, where and why the box is. Because of our involvement with spatial experiences we are leaders in the design of furniture, lighting and interior components. We are looking to address the needs of a design driven future, rich in meaning, use and function, built on a foundation of strong research, conclusion and development.

This is a global sense of design, which investigates every aspect of where and how we live, work and play. In this way we train, instruct and nurture great designers that explore projects with a deep understanding of content, need and brand, with the ability to communicate a strong narrative solution in meaningful ways. This is an evolution of a new type of designer, a designer who truly grasps the importance of being a visionary, while addressing responsible sustainable brand design. We strive to create design to improve life regardless of location and scale. We approach design from the inside out. By understanding what the emotional outcome/need is, we are able to craft a stronger message to drive the alternatives. This enables our students to address a broader range of outcomes whether that be total spaces, places or individual objects.

We must continually explore how we can blend technology, our humanity and our potential, while addressing the complex needs to develop a new vocabulary for experience. In the future, we need to enhance ergonomics, add to our simplicity of use and create a far more meaningful emotional take-always in all that we design. It is our intention to show that by having a strong grasp on the history of design, an astute awareness of present design trends and a long gaze on the future, that we can contribute to the way in which future design interfaces, supports and drives our culture. We strive to create a new type of designer who will be influential and will strive to make a difference. We are about contribution, interaction and enrichment. We strive to be influential. We aspire to make design to improve life.



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