In response to the request of the CCCB Barcelona to create furniture – in particular for the Big Bang Data Exhibition – that would fit the ever changing needs of a space for workshops, the Fab Lab Barcelona and the design team of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) proposed several options.

“The Water Team”, a team of Master in Advanced Architecture students designed a modular system with the goal of creating an open source design that would fulfil the needs of the diverse people using the space offering multifunctional possibilities.

The choice of this design as the winner is based not only on aesthetics, but on the strength and sturdiness of the piece, as it will be used by thousands of people over time.

The following parameters were also taken into account: the use of plywood as the material chosen for the design, time laser cutting boards and hands and quick mounting system.

The result is this open source design that follows the philosophy of good digital fabrication practices linked to Fab10 Barcelona, an event that will bring together the international community of Fab Labs from the 2nd through the 8th of July in Barcelona.

Designed and Manufactured by Master in Advanced Architecture Students: Ruxandra Iancu Bratosin, Gokhan Catikkas, Hriday Saini, Maria Czajcynska and Rodion Eremeev.


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