Thursday 18th of December // IS1 Introductory Studio – Torre Baró Energy District G2 // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

IAAC intro studio g2 final pres


Introductory Studio – Torre Baró Energy District G1

Thursday, 18th of December 2014 // 10h00 – 14h00, IaaC Auditorium


Senior Faculty:

Edouard Cabay



Rodrigo Aguirre



Areti Markopoulou – IAAC Academic Director

Silvia Brandi – IAAC Academic Coordinator

Lluis Víu – Max de Cusa Arquitects

Jordi Pagès – Creative Director & Motion Designer


Carmelo Zappulla – External Reference architects

Pepe Ballesteros – Pasajes Arquitectura

Javier Peña – Xpiral

Marcella del Signore – x-topia

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