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Today the IaaC academic team, along with the new IaaC students from the MAA,MaCT, OTF and CIEE academic programs, went up to Valldaura to visit the Valldaura Labs, IAAC’s second campus located in the Collserola Park.

The day started with a lecture by the Green Fab Lab Coordinator Jonathan Minchin, who explained the structure of the Valldaura Self-Sufficient LaB a to the new students.
Meanwhile the students enrolled in the second year of the MAA take advantage of the sunny day to develop a project in the Green Fab Lab facilities.

The lecture was followed by the guided tour of the facilities, allowing the students to understand in detail  what was presented to them: a laboratory to implement investigation and set a new bench mark for self-sufficiency, a  complex ecosystem structured by a Green Fab Lab, a Food Lab and an Energy Lab.

A 0 km paella lunch was then served, giving the students time to relax and get to know each other.

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