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Reconstruction of the Pier in Burgas, Bulgaria – Week 7 : Final Proposal

Emil Burulyanov The project concluded with a clear proposal for a series of ramps, creating a fluid pathway around the existing pier, easing access from lower and providing additional access from the upper alley level. Through programmatic, volumetric and spacial studies, each of the ramps was manually manipulated to extend or contract providing each of [...]

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Ecotect Analyse for a house

Hristo Topchiev Board 1 PRESS here for: Panels in pdf format Board 2

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Green City for 10 000 people/300ha

The starting point is having a pedestrian movement, which is the most obvious decision about a 10 000 people city/neighborhood. That means I had to set up some distance rules between the different component and programs. Based on that distances, I had the plot for my city (how big it should be according my rules) [...]

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