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Designing Associativity Seminar Presentations

The Designing Associativity Seminar is titled as such in order to acknowledge the effort of designing relationships versus explicit objects or forms. MAA Students look at ways to construct logics which take advantage of diverse data sources, algorithms, geometry, and manufacturing processes. Architecture as a practice and experience has often dealt with the negotiation of [...]

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Data Machines – Designing Associativity Seminar

For Designing Associativity Seminar MAA students had to fabricate a machine which responds to data collected from a source. This is one of the projects for the seminar, developed by Julian Hildebrand and Ohad Meyuhas, that is controlled by Firefly (Grasshopper) through an Arduino board.

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MAA Student Research Assignment: Shading Devices for a Façade

Shading devices for a Façade, is a student research assignment, still under development, by IAAC MAA students Francisco Marmolejo, Marisa Margariti and Mathew Owen for the Designing Associativity seminar. These devices will open or close as they collect data from solar sensors connected to them. The goal for this assignment is to implement data flow into a [...]

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