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RSII. Self Sufficient Buildings-Workshop with Ignasi Pérez Arnal

For the last three days, Research Studio II students have been taking lectures and discussing their projects on the workshop with Ignasi Pérez Arnal -Ignasi Pérez Arnal profile -faculty Willy Muller and assistant Maite Bravo.Lectures taken included ; design as critical factor for efficiency & sustainable tourism, energy, water and material solutions, ecoproducts and waste. [...]

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Lighthouse Hotel – Ignasi Perez Arnal Workshop : 28-30 April

The concept began with the theme of death and how feelings and mood can be improved after experiencing the death of a close one. The system which was discovered though is universal and does not apply only to the situations described in the slides. Those feelings can be fough using Chromatherapy, which up to the [...]

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RSII. Self Sufficient Buildings

Students had been researching on their site and master plan for their Self-sufficient hotel capsules.They were discussing this development with Faculty Willy Muller and assistant Maite Bravo who helped them decide on where to put their buildings and how they would relate to the chosen site.

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