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 Hand In Hand, Tower “The process began with a Spiral as our inspiration. We wanted to explore the potential of the material to its maximum threshold; hence the Spiral was the best fit for our endeavor.

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Turning Torso

The design of our tower was driven by several criteria: || maximization of material usage || repetition of a single member || achieving of several possible configurations As a result of a successful implementation of the first and the second criteria, we were able to make use of 97% of the available material, consequently reaching [...]

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Twisted Sister

The concept for this tower arose from the vertical aggregation of identical pyramidal components at decreasing scales. The component itself was developed through the distortion of simple geometries to find opportunities for self-replication without the use of additional components. The slight distortion of the resulting pyramidal form creates multi-planar vertices that can be utilized for [...]

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G16 Match Stick Tower

Group 16 has constructed a tower through a process of experimental design & highly adaptive problem solving.

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El Diamante

The assignment was to build a tower, tall, freestanding, with no extra elements, using four 840x400mm 3mm thick Plywood sheets. The initial thought process was to achieve height by eliminating vertical elements and reducing the amount of wastage of material. To create stabilitiy and variation a “RING MODULE” with 5 nodal points was designed which [...]

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