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The Whirling Dervish

The aim of this exercise was to create a kinetic structure with rotational movement with minimal number of 3d printed joints. It is a free standing structure made up of 20 2mm fiberglass rods, through two 3D printed perforated rings of dia.. The form resembles a conical cylinder which when rotated at different angles form [...]

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XYZ Twirl

XYZ Twirl The main idea for our joint is to create a tower and manipulate its form in real time in order to achieve several different structures. It is formed by 4 rods in the middle which are the sustain of the tower and allow it to move up and down; then, other 6 on [...]

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The idea was to create a structure that was deploy-able by unfolding and at the same time to imitate the flowers that open and close with the sun (nyctinasty).

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The Spiroball

The basic concept behind the whole design was to have dynamism in a vertical design by using one single element, and the possibility of this element to either move in the vertical axis so as to either merge the vertical rods inwards or expand them outwards or rotate the element in horizontal axis creating a [...]

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The primary goal was to design a kinetic structure that is supported by crossing elements of the same material to each other. This ultimately created a self supported free standing structure with the help of crossing components. We created several axes by grouping rods together to make the flexible components more durable. To achieve a [...]

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