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 Hand In Hand, Tower “The process began with a Spiral as our inspiration. We wanted to explore the potential of the material to its maximum threshold; hence the Spiral was the best fit for our endeavor.

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Turning Torso

The design of our tower was driven by several criteria: || maximization of material usage || repetition of a single member || achieving of several possible configurations As a result of a successful implementation of the first and the second criteria, we were able to make use of 97% of the available material, consequently reaching [...]

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Rising Waves

The central theme of the project was to create a structure that arose from a flat plane into a three-dimensional object while challenging the properties of the materials used. The uniqueness of the structure lies in the individual strips that lift from the flat surface, requiring no joints hence forming smooth curves.

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Digital Crown

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The structure is a simple constructive assembly system that allows us to experiment in a single object multiple and different types of joints and their possible variations/combinations that became our primary research, seeking to minimise waste. The pentagonal footprint force us to generate horizontal elements that are connected by various elements in the vertical direction. [...]

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  Each element in this design is a rectangular wood strip of the same length. The width of the strips begins at 4cm and decreases gradually as the structure continues up. Structurally, the tower is organized in two perpendicular axes, crossing at a central datum. In both axes, the strips bend in an alternating pattern [...]

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