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In this tiled surface design, the pathways channeling water tangentially branch off 3 (repeated) closed loops. Each of these 3 geometric loops are radially-symmetrical about a combinatory corner of the original hexagonal tile. The three loops have 3 different scales of visual prominence. In the least prominent of the 3, the loop becomes secondary to [...]

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Vector BiValve

3d printed joints have two categorical ways to interact with thin fiberglass rods. The joint may either constrain the rod, or traverse along its length. In this design, we explored the possibility that each 3d printed component could introduce a new control point to the geometry of a rod’s vector, in addition to the “joint” operation. The geometry of [...]

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  Each element in this design is a rectangular wood strip of the same length. The width of the strips begins at 4cm and decreases gradually as the structure continues up. Structurally, the tower is organized in two perpendicular axes, crossing at a central datum. In both axes, the strips bend in an alternating pattern [...]

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