Try-Angle Tower

valjda je dobra

The main idea of our tower was to create the most stable and, at the same time, light structure and give it an architectural view.
We were using the triangles in a top with three horizontal elements, which provide strength and stability, joined with three vertical elements and assembled layer by layer using only this one building unit.
To make the tower more stable we joined three triangles between and make it grow in 13-18 levels, it gave feeling of vertical stream.

We also was trying to experiment with the structure of wood, playing with different holes, bending and cutting. That’s why in conclusion we had the line-cuted holes, from the both sides of horizontal element with exactly the same distance according the direction of wood fiber. It gave us possibility to bend it in a dry way and use the tension of material to fix vertical elements better.
2013-11-03 14.22.30Untitled-2smanjenaUntitled-2 smanjena2013-11-03 15.49

Sviatlana Matushko,
Novak Kijac
John Alexander Giraldo Mendez

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