Assignment 3 : Studio – City Definitions

The goal is to set up a network of activities and urban components in a self sufficient habitat, which are within walking distances, because my studio project is about a pedestrian city.The system is able to be changed depending on specific site conditions and it will remain true so that it is under the rules I decided. For example, when I set up a rule that between residential and park the distance should be not more than 400m, but between residential and industry the distance should be more than 800m, that will create a system which will remain true whenever I make it.This experiment can better explain and help my studio project, so that I can make different organizations, which will never be outside the decided distances. Also, it is an abstract but very fast way to see how things work and can be placed together in different ways.

Based on the first grasshopper assignment, the city I created is like an artificial landscape, which was formed by 4 attractors-the sea, the 2 parks and the green space between the city and the industry.

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