ECOTECH- self sufficient building

This first analysis was about the energy which could be spend at each SM on different loccation.For Studio II our proposal was a self sufficient building hotel. The building that has been worked had severals changes to fit in my conception…The possibility about the room change position could be a way to the guest control by himself the  natural source without spend energy.The graphic  below shows some general values according with the colors.

This building have one of the proposal ,the fact of the rooms  going out from the  normal location.On that shot this analysis shows a morning shadows projecting on the ground .We can can see difference colors shadows depending of the how deep the rooms are been projecting from in side to out side.

The last one was an analysis that was not efficient from the perpective. The intention was not to relate some vales linking with the sun light but the way we could get to view a out side sun from inside position.The room was not at the right proportion so the shadows inside of the room occupy mostly the space .

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