IaaC Lecture Series_Apr 06 < Angel Beccassino

The Necessity of What is Obviously is Not Necessary
Angel Beccassino
Journalist and Photographer

A journalist and photographer that works creating arguments and eventual situations as a member of the Center of Possibilities and other think tanks in Latin America. A man with great talent, be it in advertising as well as in poetry, and with the handling of images as well as sounds. Each word he writes has cadence, each image is a poem. Whatever Angel does has a “hook” that captivates anyone.

He also shoots artistic videos as well as publish beautiful profound books. A tireless traveler, he has gone around the world as if it were a trip to a soccer field. Angel was born in Argentina and now lives in Colombia. He always surprises people with his works because of their originality and simplicity. Angel Becassino was born in Buenos Aires in 1948.  He has been the creative director of  important publicity agencies in his native country of Argentina and in different Latin-American cities such as Mexico and Bogota.

In the nineties he worked in public management communication, where he developed successful diffusion strategies for governmental agencies and private enterprises.  As a journalist he worked as a Latin American graphic media correspondent covering the war in Lebanon, armed conflicts in Colombia, and other events in Asia and Europe.

He has authored books in photography, urbanism and journalism and was the second place recipient of the Emece Novel Prize (Argentina.  1970).  Within the artistic field he has had gallery installations and performances in New York, Tokyo, Rio of Janeiro, Berlin, among others cities.  At present he consults in electoral strategies, management marketing and crisis management for the Colombian, Venezuelan, Peruvian and Ecuadorian government.

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