IaaC Lecture Series_Mar 25 < LARS HESSELGREN

Designing BIG buildings [parametrically]

LARS HESSELGREN, AA Dip,  RIBA, MSc (UCL) ,Senior Associate Partner, Director PLP Research

Lars Hesselgren is the Director of PLP Research and a Senior Associate Partner at PLP since October 2007. Previous to that he occupied the same position at KPF and before 2005 he was the IT Director at KPF London.

In 2002 he received the Bentley Lifetime Achievement Award. His most recent work concentrates on parametric modelling in CAD. He helped create the new Computational Geometry group within KPF and advises on visualisation and IT matters. He is head of the Computational Design Group at PLP which is developing novel tools and techniques within the parametric design paradigm. He is establishing new R&D programmes with University partners and other bodies.

His most recent project while at KPF was creating the geometry for the Pinnacle tower in the City of London, currently under construction.
He is a founder member of the SmartGeometry group (www.smartgeometry.org) which is encouraging the spread of parametric thinking as an architectural design discipline, including spearheading Alpha and Beta testing of Bentley Generative Components. The SmartGeometry Workshops and Conferences are now an established premier place to network about the latest digital design technology with conferences in Barcelona (2010), San Francisco (2009), Munich (2008), New York (2007), London (2006), Cambridge Ontario (2004), Cambridge UK (2003).

He lectures extensively both in US and in Europe, both at Industry Events and at Academic venues.

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