Open Thesis Fabrication Lectures Series

The first week of the Open Thesis Fabrication introduced to the students the techniques and methods for the manipulation of different materials. Five leading companies,working  in different materials each, presented their work, shared their knowledge and their unique results. The materials presented were glass, metal, concrete and wood. At the end the student had a deep perspective of the restrictions as well as the freedoms that each material can offer with an extended understanding of their performances in complex geometries. The companies that participated in the lecture series are : Cricursa / glass experts, Escofet/concrete experts , Imar /metal experts, Fupicsa and Finnforest/wood experts.

Lecture of Finnforest / Fupicsa by David Rifa Matas, Ignasi Caus Angles, Nuria Pellicer Cortina
Lecture of IMAR by Patxi Rubin.
Lecture of Escofet by Enric Pericas.

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